Memorial For A Beloved Friend


Over the past couple of years that I have been writing this blog, some of you have gotten a glimpse of my handsome black cat, Kaimana. In Hawai`ian, Kaimana means “diamond.” He was solid black with a little white spot under his chin like a diamond necklace.

He’s been with me for about twelve years. He became mine when he kept pawing at me through the bars of his cage at the Humane Shelter. Only a little older than a kitten, he quickly took up residence in my heart and home.

In my home on Alii Drive, he worked diligently to climb up the railing of the staircase. If he fell off half-way up, he’d jump down and start over. The first time he made it to the top without falling off, he sat at the top proclaiming his victory.


Then he spent the same amount of time learning how to go back down the railing without falling off. Once he learned both directions, he went up and down, up and down.


Like most cats, he could sleep anywhere and at any time – in a bowl. . .


. . . in a bidet . . .


. . . on a high shelf . . .


. . . in a bookshelf . . .


. . . or tucked in among the pottery.


Kaimana was the ultimate “techno-cat.” Whenever he heard the ring of the fax machine, he would run upstairs, sit on top of the machine and watch the fax arrive. I think he was trying to get it out to bring to me.


A rocky medical history resulted in several major hospitalizations. Even though it meant extending his life by several years, wearing this collar made him quite angry.


He loved to wander around the property as I worked . . .


. . . or lounge on a fallen log . . .


. . . or nestle up to the geraniums.


Always content to be wherever I was, he also loved to watch what was going on outside his world.


I wonder if he thought he was hiding from me?


I found out how sick he was with diabetes while my daughter was visiting, so I made arrangements for him to be put to sleep this past Wednesday. She helped me find the appropriate place for his final resting place and started the digging process.


As Inga was digging, Kaimana came out to see what we were doing. After investigating, it seemed as if he approved of where he would finally rest, so he went up to the house to take a nap.


I have put together a slideshow of pictures for those who knew him, or who would just like to see a beautiful cat at play and at leisure.


If you would like to view a larger slideshow, click here.

A hui hou!

21 thoughts on “Memorial For A Beloved Friend”

  1. I’m so sorry you lost your beloved friend, Lucy. Kaimana sounds like a wonderful companion. Amazing how these dear little creatures steal your heart!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, Sonia! Yes, Kaimana has been with me for many years. He was bright, energetic, but had started to lose weight and energy. I hated to watch him just dwindle before my eyes.

  2. Dear Lucy,
    We are so sad that Kaimana went to Cat-Heaven.
    Your pictutes & slide show brought back many fond memories of the times we shared with you and Kaimana.
    We also buried our Mimi under the trees in the garden. Blinky will be there also when his time comes……and so will I!

    We have to come and visit when Lily is off work, Friday 19, or Sat. 20 ; also Friday 26, or Sat. 27. If any of those days fit into your scheduke?
    Please let us know.

    1. I knew you would appreciate the photos of Kaimana! Thank you for the kind thoughts!

      You know, if you guys can come down Sat. Feb. 20, it’s the monthly pancake breakfast. Let me know and we can meet there, then come down to the house. But the next weekend is ok, too. Saturdays are better than Fridays, because sometimes I have college committee meetings on Friday.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts, Marta! The vet said he knew it was hard, but that with his medical history, I’d already given him several extra years of life. So it was the best thing – even though it hurt horribly.

  3. Lucy, I am sorry for your loss. What a lovely memorial you’ve written. Take good care, Ann

  4. Loss is all around me these past few weeks. When I saw the heading of your blog, I put off reading it. Now I am so happy I did. I am sorry for your loss but so happy for the tribute you have paid that lovely boy cat. What a great guy and so lucky to have had you all those years.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting on my dear Kaimana. Loss of any kind is difficult, but as a psychologist and retired pastor, I know that loss is part of life. It simply encourages me to live life while I’m still alive! As we say here in Hawaii, “many mahalos” for your thoughts!

  5. Aloha Lucy,
    Why am I thinking I didn’t know that Kaimana was ill or had gone to pet heaven?
    I VERY clearly remmeber the early days of his escapades on Ali’i Drive as a kitten and an ever curious adult.
    Kaimana did have a special way about him. I became very attached to him as you know.
    I’m happy he is not suffering and can play with all the loved pets that have passed away leaving loving homes on earth.

    What a beautiful memorial you created. It brought smiles and tears.
    I know he will be missed. His pressence will always be in your heart and mine too. RIP KAIMANA KITTY
    Aloha and LOVE to you Lucy, Jewel

    1. Thank you for your thought, Jewel! He’d had several hospitalizations with serious urinary tract infections, then seemed to be fine for almost a year. Then symptoms clued me in that somethng was wrong, and it was – he was diabetic. He was fast losing weight and eating about 4-5 times what he normally weighed. It was a hard decision, but the vet agreed that Kaimana had already been given several extra years. He’s buried half-way back on my acre. Many people remembered him fondly! 🙂

  6. Dear Lucy,
    We are glad that you got back into cat culture again. We always knew you could not go without!
    What is her name? You did not say in your blog.
    See you soon for a pancake breakfast!
    Albert & Lily

    1. I thought I did mention her name! The woman who had her until I got her called her Katrina, so I’ll just go with that. I had a Mr. Kaimana so now I have a Miss Katrina – Mr and Miss K. I just had to wait for the right kitty and the right time. I knew I’d have one soon.

  7. So sorry to read about the loss of your beloved Kaimana. He looked so adventurous! Climbing that staircase rail must have been amazing for him, its crazy what cats are capable of. I have to say his name suits him, my son’s middle name is Kaimana, and he tries to sit in everything too. Oh and the slideshow was wonderful as well for some bonus pictures of your beautiful cat.

    1. Chanel! Thank you for looking at my blog! I wasn’t sure anyone in the class would do that LOL Yes, Kaimana was very special, although now I have another beautiful kitty about 6 years old. She can’t take Kaimana’s place, but she is certainly a sweetie.

  8. He was a beautiful cat. I never really appreciated cats until my husband and I decided to get a cat to help keep mice away. My son’s birthday was coming up so we took him to a local cat rescue and he picked one that had he liked, she was not the cutest kitten in the bunch. She has now grown into a beautiful cat and is the center attention of all the animals. We all spoil her with love and the love she gives is not like any other animal I have had.
    Now I definitely understand the love for a cat and I’m sorry for your loss!

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