Shadowy Tales

On the cover…“Shadowy Tales” is a heart-pounding thriller that emphasizes the danger of cultural division and social intolerance through a truly compelling mystery. This is the story of a protestant minister, Frances Anna Keeton, newly appointed by her bishop to a church in the conservative south. Arriving from a liberal environment in California, she faces immense turmoil. Frances realized she was entering into a difficult situation. But she never would imagine the danger, harm, and secrets that lie ahead.

A new casino is being considered on land currently owned by members of the local Choctaw tribe who are active members of Fran’s church. The clout behind this proposal is exerting pressure on Fran to support the local gaming establishment rather than actively oppose it.

Fran is terrorized repeatedly, but she doesn’t know if it’s because she is a woman pastor or if it is to intimidate her into supporting the new casino. When Kevin, her organist and friend, is kidnapped, a search begins. A carved arrowhead is left at her door for no apparent reason. A phone message instructs Fran to present the arrowhead as a signal that she is ready to submit herself as ransom for Kevin or forfeit Kevin’s life. Telling no one, she hunts for an unidentified person who would know the sinister meaning of the arrowhead.

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Feral Fables

On the cover…These fables offer a unique approach to self-healing, offering something beyond basic paths to self-awareness. They are appropriate for both newcomers and experienced users of myth-based divination concepts, and designed for use by individuals of all ages, educational backgrounds, cultures, races, women, or men.

From Review…I have seldom read a more empowering text. The fables teach and guide us without being pedantic or simplistic. Feral Fables moves us to our core and insists that we live from there with integrity. Each fable suggests a slightly different perspective on living from our uniqueness. We can use it every day for clarity in whatever situation we find ourselves.(Ruth Cherry, PhD)

Excerpt from the book…For centuries, women and men have sought guidance and counsel to help them in
processes of change, healing, and transformation. Today, in the early years of a new millenium,
people are still drawn toward the tarot, palm reading, the runes, the I Ching, Native American
totem cards, and other ancient games based on spiritual, oracular, even magical wisdom.

The Feral Fables are unique stories of transformation that are not based on a particular ethnicity or cultural tradition, but rather draw from what is universal in each of the various traditions. The most popular and the most universal of the wisdom traditions is telling stories. Storytelling, as an art and as a way of learning about life, has evolved right with us into the modern age. In Hawai`i, it has been refined as an art form we call “talk story.”

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