Feta, Buckwheat Noodles, and Red Chard


I’m often inspired by recipes that I find on other foodie blogs. When the other cooks say their recipe uses what any pantry would contain, I laugh. Not my pantry! I don’t think my pantry items are weird, but they certainly aren’t what a lot of other people have.

I saw a recipe recently that sounded delicious and easy, but I didn’t have gorgonzola on hand, even though I love gorgonzola. It called for fresh spinach, but I didn’t have fresh spinach. It called for non-fat evaporated milk and I didn’t have that, either, nor did I have linguine.

What I did have was a bundle of buckwheat or soba noodles, crumbled feta cheese, and a big batch of freshly picked red chard out of my garden.

Here’s my version of what sounded like a terrific dish. Remember, this was just for one person – me. So if you are going to make it for a family, adjust the amounts accordingly. Also, use whatever is in your pantry.

Feta, Buckwheat Noodles, and Freshly Picked Red Chard



I put about ¼ bundle of buckwheat noodles on to boil.

While that was underway, I heated 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil in a small pan.

Into this I sprinkled about 1 tablespoon of whole wheat flour and whisked it together until it was thick. I added a little liquid coffee creamer (not flavored) to make everything a little saucier.

To this I added about ½ cup of crumbled feta cheese and gently mixed it together.

As everything was about finished, I quickly sautéed the deveined and chopped red chard in another teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.

I mixed everything together and ate! Some might want a tad more salt, but the feta is salty enough for me.

This was a quick and easy meal that was ‘ono loa, very delicious.

A hui hou!