Wedding at Kikaua Point

Credit: Miko Walczuk (


A few weeks ago, I was given the honor of performing a wedding for the grandson of my friends, Peggy and Brian Hewitt. The marriage of Jeremy and Heba Hewitt took place at Kikaua Point Park, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Since I’d never been there, even though I live fairly close, it was as fascinating for me as for the guests.


There is a new housing area nearby, which may be one reason this particular park has been opened up for people to visit.


Because the site is considered sacred and historical, vehicles are not allowed past the gate, but it’s a fairly short walk to the beach itself.


The lava has intriguing formations, but the ocean is almost always in view to soften the visual effect.



When I finally reached the beach area, I had to catch my breath at the beauty!


Other friends went down early to set up for the wedding.


The wedding party had to traipse across the sand, but they made it!


Peggy Hewitt, the grandmother of the groom, took the next few shots. I was busy performing the ceremony so I couldn’t continue to take pictures! Here I am waiting for the wedding party to get there.


And then talking with the groom while he waits for his bride.


I’m doing the deed . . .


. . . then signing the license


The newlyweds are off to Vietnam where they will teach English and continue their schooling. What a gorgeous couple!

(Credit: Miko Walczuk (


A very special “mahalo” to Miko Walczuk and Peggy Hewitt for permission to use some of their photos.


If you would like to see these in a larger slide show, click here.

A hui hou!

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