French Toast – Another Comfort Food


When do you head for the “comfort foods?”

People go to their comfort food for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’ve been on a diet to get into that special dress for the holidays. Or maybe the weather has been colder than usual (like in Florida last week)! You might go because you’re depressed, or you’re sick, or you can’t think of anything exciting to fix.

Whatever the reason for you, French toast is one of my comfort foods. It’s basic, it’s simple, it’s tasty, and reminds me of my childhood. There are as many ways to prepare French toast as there are people who eat it, I suppose.

French bread cut into thick slices makes wonderful French toast. Here in Hawaii, we often make French toast out of that luscious Hawaiian/Portuguese Sweet Bread. This time, I had some leftover corn bread from my New Year’s black-eyed peas that I wanted to use up.

Making French toast is so simple that I’m almost hesitant to share this, but it might be something you haven’t thought of in a long time.

First step (after deciding which bread you want to use up) is to put an egg in a flat-ish bowl with a little milk. This egg was fresh gathered; see the way the yolk stands up nice and perky? Instead of milk, I used a splash of Almond Breeze (unsweetened vanilla), maybe less than ¼ cup.


Sprinkle a little cinnamon over it and whip it up quickly with a fork. I cut that piece of cornbread in half, then split it to make four pieces.


Let your bread soak up the egg/milk mixture for a couple minutes.


I start it over medium heat in a pan coated with spray, then for the last bit, I turn up the heat to high to get a nice color. When the egg is cooked and the bread is the right toasty brown for you, put it on a plate, add a little butter (I use the yogurt spread), douse with whatever kind of syrup you like to use (I used a Canadian Maple Syrup), and dig in!


I hope I’ve made your mouth water! Go find some of that stale bread you don’t want to throw away (but there’s not enough for a bread pudding), and make yourself a little breakfast or lunch – or even a light supper.

A hui hou!