Waimea Strawberries


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A few days ago, I talked about apricot and peach preserves and jams that my friend showed me how to make. When he saw that post, he sent me a message to say that I should be sure to tell everyone that the jars, the lids, the fruit – everything – needs to be kept kept at 200 degrees F!

So now I bring you strawberries!

These are strawberries from the fields in Waimea, a northern area of the Big Island of Hawai`i. You can’t believe how big and sweet they are. I have to eat a bunch of them right away before I make them up into preserves.

Just like with the apricots and peaches, the extra juice at the end is used to make strawberry flavored ginger preserves. I honestly don’t know which way I like them better – as strawberry preserves or as ginger-strawberry preserves.

Either way, they are totally fine on hot, freshly baked biscuits, over ice cream, or wherever your imagination takes you. Sometimes I’ve mixed up a few tablespoons in plain, non-fat yogurt as a special dessert.

It’s just about strawberry season, so you know what I’ll be doing soon!

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