Lilikoi Cheesecake at the Keei Cafe

lilikoi cheesecake
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Within a 5 minute drive of the college where I teach is the Keei (kay-ay) Café where I often go for lunch. It gives me a chance to get off campus, relax, and eat great food. It is located on Highway 11, between mile marker 112-113 in Kainaliu.

I have read reviews bemoaning a somewhat cavalier attitude toward the dinner crowd, but if a diner remembers that “this is Hawai`i” and not Los Angeles or New York, it is possible to forgive and simply enjoy the ambience.

I mostly go for lunch when it is not crowded. I am offered a delicious choice served by a friendly wait staff, and I get to listen to a gentleman playing classical guitar in the corner, while I sip my lilikoi tea.

Among the dishes they serve are a salad with fresh local greens, which can be topped with fresh fish (my favorite is spearfish), grilled eggplant sandwich, clam chowder, fish tacos, and so much more.

There is a wonderful array of desserts possible, and even if you are watching your weight, you can always share with a friend in order to finish your meal with something sweet. One of my favorites is the lilikoi cheesecake pictured above.

Yesterday, I posted about my lilikoi plants. I suspect my lilikoi butter could be poured over a plain cheesecake recipe (is cheesecake ever just “plain”?) for a decadent treat. I haven’t tried that yet, but I suspect it will be soon.