Preserves and Jams


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I have a friend who loves making jams and preserves. It is one of the activities that he enjoys in his retirement to keep his mind active, and he makes a fine art out of the process.

When our local Costco gets in fresh apricots or peaches, I buy a case (or two) and it’s a sure bet that I can’t eat them all! Sometimes I’ll make a pie and a few get eaten fresh, but usually, I put them up into preserves.

My friend gives me strict instructions on how it is to be done. We use half Splenda and half sugar, and less than most recipes call for. Once the cooked fruit has been put into sterilized jars, we add chopped candied ginger, along with a little fresh ginger, into the juice that is left.

Voila! Ginger preserves!

When I give some to friends, they have a hard time deciding which one they like better – the plain fruit preserves or the ginger preserves.

Either one is deliciously yummy over ice cream or on hot biscuits. In another post, I’ll tell you what we do with the strawberries!