Lava to Lilikoi is Two Years Old!


On May 28, 2008 I wrote my first post for this blog. I started out writing only as a way to document my journey on this acre of lava for myself, family and a few friends. Over the past two years, my blog has evolved through cooking, traveling, gardening, and story-telling. No longer do I always regale you with my tales of woe in trying to make something grow on lava (only sometimes).

In the next year, I plan to do posts on a variety of topics, and may expand out of my “comfort zone.” Some of you are right here in Hawai`i and have seen the sights I write on, while others seem fascinated with reading of the culture we have here.

I’ve been considering my options. In the meantime, I hope each of you will tell me what areas you’d like to hear about that I haven’t touched yet.

Happy anniversary to Lavalily!

A hui hou!

First Anniversary of Lava to Lilikoi



Aloha! I can’t believe that exactly one year ago I started writing about my life on an acre of mostly bare lava.

Most bloggers take this time to look back over the past year and reminisce, or see what all has changed. I don’t plan to do that, because periodically, that’s what I do anyway.

All I really want to do is simply offer you this single bloom on my calla lily plant. What a surprise it was to see it when I went to my patio a few days ago! I was stunned by its simple beauty.

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for joining me this past year. Please stick with me during the next year as I continue to learn and grow with my plants. One of my projects this next year is to begin writing a small book about ways to create a garden out of Madam Pele’s rich lava. If anyone has other ideas that might benefit the process, please send them to me.

A hui hou!


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