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PSY 100 – Survey of Psychology


Free online textbook.

Course Description: This is an introductory course, designed to provide you with an overview of the various disciplines within the field of psychology. We will explore research via several psychological orientations. We will look at the basic psychological processes involved in learning, memory, thinking, and language. The development of the Self, which includes our gender and sexuality, our personality, and overall development will be studied. We will discuss who we are in a social context. Finally, we will see what factors influence our mental health.

PSY 260 – Psychology of Personality

SYLLABUS: Psychology of Personality

Free Online Textbook

Course Description: This course will compare and contrast the basic theoretical approaches to personality, including the corresponding views of development, change, and assessment. It will distinguish between the various methodological approaches to personality research, and assess the strength of research findings within a given research perspective.

HD234W – Social Gerontology


No Textbook Required

Course Description: This Writing Intensive course is an introduction and overview of adult development and aging. This will be explored through online learning opportunities, on-going reading and formal learning projects. Particular attention is given to the origins and intent of Gerontology, cross-cultural perspectives, ageism and age stereotypes, social policies and programs, bio-psycho/social/spiritual aspects of aging, and more

SUBS 270 – Twelve Core Functions of Substance Abuse Counseling


Free Online Textbook

Course description: Focuses on the treatment process including intervention and prevention issues as it applies specifically to the substance abuser. Ethical and legal issues for the substance abuse counselor will be identified. A primary theme in this course will be the explication of the Twelve Core Functions of a Substance Abuse Counselor.