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  1. Aloha. I live on the north shore of Kauai.. I have some questions about my llikoi vines and I was wondering if you could answer them. Thanks.

  2. Aloha! I’m not sure if I can answer your questions, but ask away! 🙂 My email is Send me your questions and I’ll see if I can respond. If not, I have a nurseryman for a neighbor who might know.
    Mostly, I’m just stumbling along like most people!

  3. In ignorance about lilikoi, I just scraped the pulp into the blender and processed to loosen pulp from the seeds, then strained it (stirring to speed up the process), poured it into
    sandwich zip-lock bags and froze. Once frozen I like to put the baggies into a larger baggie specifically for freezing. Keeps well and is easy to use.

    1. That’s as good a process as any other. Most of it is trial and error, I think. There are several ways to do it, but all seem to work. Thanks for your comments.

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