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Lucy L. Jones, Ph.D., LLC

Are you looking for a way to stretch your intelligence?

Once you are out of school and have joined the working world, you may feel a need to jump-start your brain.

How about Learning. . .

  • Mysteries of Psychology?
  • Basics of Human Service Work?
  • Raising your children to adulthood?
  • What does it take to age with gusto?

Do you want to. . .

  • Develop your spiritual life?
  • Gain more self-confidence?
  • Stay engaged with the world?
  • Find inner solitude and serenity?


Current – “Growing Older with Gusto!” opens on February 5, 2023

This course is designed as a five-week online e-course. You will be able to work at your own pace each week with a new lesson posted each Sunday morning. You are not obligated to finish exactly at the end of five weeks.

During the course, I will set up several live Q & A sessions via Zoom that will be recorded so you can watch them later if you wish. At times, it may feel like you’re not keeping up with everyone else in the course, but there is no getting behind! Just catch up as you can.

There is no homework requirement other than what you want to explore in your own life, and I will guide you through that. There will be an overall look at getting older, plus Body Image, Sexuality and Intimacy, Self-Esteem, General Health, Creativity, and plenty of laughter. I look forward to seeing you in class.

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NOTE: If the “Register” page is not fillable for you, please send your name, email, and phone number to me (lucy@lucyleejones.com) before you check out. Put “Gusto” in the subject line, so I’ll know it’s for this course.

Coming Soon

  • Mysteries of Psychology
  • Basics of Human Service Work
  • Raising your children to adulthood

Lucy’s Credentials

  • Ph.D. in Psychology
  • Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Master’s Degree in Theology
  • Master’s Degree in Human Relations
  • Retired Associate Professor (Hawaii Community College)
  • Retired Clergy (United Methodist Church)
  • Author of self-help, mysteries, poetry
  • 30+ years of teaching
  • 40+ years of working with clients
  • 80+ years of living with gusto


  • “I would take a course in underwater basket weaving if Lucy Jones was leading it. She ranks as one of the most influential women in my life. Lucy’s unique and relatable way of teaching using her lived experiences has taught me that who I am in one era of my life doesn’t mean I must be that person forever. I can continually reinvent myself at any age and be successful.” (Sarah Hoy-Spalding)
  • “I have been fortunate to be a student of Dr. Lucy Jones. She is one of those instructors that makes an impact on each of her students. I recall her courses to be not only informational but interactive. She made learning fun! Her knowledge, dedication, and life experiences make for a great instructor and person. I highly recommend Dr. Lucy Jones as an instructor!” (Ian Hirakawa)
  • “Returning in my late 30s to Hawaii Community College, one of the first classes I took was Human Development, with Lucy Jones as instructor. Out of high school for eleven years, running my own business, and raising two children, the odds were high that I wasn’t going to be able to complete college. Lucy encouraged me to keep going, lead me to believe in myself, and to never doubt my capabilities. She said, “If you want things to change, you need to shift to make that change.” Her teaching style is relatable and personable. Lucy isn’t afraid to step out of the box to teach her students things that will stick with them through life. Lucy has become a friend, who still speaks volumes into my life journey. I hope to be just like her when I grow up!” (Natasha Paio)

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