Lake Powell Sunset


Another meaning for “look up” comes to mind with the beauty around us. I took this particular picture of a sunset on Lake Powell in Arizona several years ago when I led a group of high school students on a “boating camp.”

No radios, cell phones, no blow dryers – nothing that would distract from the beauty of nature was allowed. Oh, they complained, but when we watched the beautiful sunsets and sunrises from our camping spot, they didn’t seem to miss the artificial noises.

When I lived in other beautiful states, I would get so caught up in my daily activities that too often, I forgot to “look up” at the mountains around me. Then sometimes I would make myself deliberately pull over and admire the sun setting behind a mountain, or watch the lightning flare in canyons, or watch the snow fall on a distant hill.

Don’t forget to “look up” at what is around you every day! What do you see there today?

A hui hou!