Prayer As An Act of Human Kindness


On December 1, the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) members began a month of daily posting on the theme of MITZVAH. My first post for that was on the meaning of “Mitzvah.” In that post, I talked about watching boys going through their Bar Mitzvah at the Wailing Wall (or West Wall) of the old Temple in Jerusalem.

Above is a photo a colleague took of me standing at the Wall, offering up my prayers. You can tell I’m the tourist by the backpack!

It is said that prayers written on a tiny piece of paper, folded, then stuck into a crack in the wall, are received and answered by the Almighty. If you want to know the origin of this, read this.

Every faith has some form of prayer. Even those without a faith are praying, when they say silently (or aloud), “I hope I pass this test.” I believe that any desire or need is received and acted upon. Words that are commonly used for the receiver are God, Holy Spirit, Higher Power, Allah, Great Spirit, Universe, Almighty, Energy Flow, and so many more. Regardless of the word we use, the meaning is the same.

To me, prayer is not so much what we are asking for, but listening to what we are to do. It is when I stop the “asking” that I begin “hearing.” Someone once reminded me that the answers are either “yes” or “wait, because I have something better in mind for you.”

When I’m working on the lava field that is my home, I am listening. When I stood at the Wailing Wall, I was listening. When I stand before my classes, I hear. Every sound in nature is telling me something. Every word uttered by another person is the answer to a prayer, whether I recognize it as that or not.

If more of us listened before we spoke, it might be a better and more peaceful world.

A hui hou!



If you look down through the right sidebar of my blog, you’ll see a “badge” proclaiming that I am a member of NaBloPoMo – and you are probably wondering what that is!

NaBloPoMo is a group of bloggers who commit to posting a blog every day for a month. Yikes! My days are normally too busy to do anything like that, but I managed to do it in January, 2009. You can check those out by starting here.

So I may be totally crazy, but I’m going to do this again in December, 2009. I’ll have more time than during the semester!

Each month we are given a theme and for the month of December, the theme is MITZVAH. I am not Jewish by faith, although I have a Jewish friend who claims we are all Jewish! I have attended several Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations in the past. I also watched many young men going through their Bar Mitzvah at the Wailing Wall of the old Temple in Jerusalem. The photo above is one I took while there a few years ago on my first visit to the lands they call Holy.

The best meaning for Mitzvah I can find is that it means “to express an act of human kindness.” What a wonderful theme for this time of year! I think our world needs as many acts of human kindness as we can provide, so I’ll do my share!

Feel free to check my blog every day this month of December. I will continue to do the Wednesday food post and my Saturday post on a variety of topics. In between, I will offer a short thought that will reflect on ways we can express human kindness.

As I started writing this, I typed “ploggers” instead of “bloggers.” Maybe that’s what blogging is all about – just “plogging” along at something we enjoy, whether anyone reads it or not. Please feel free to share this with friends who may not have found me yet!

A hui hou!