Another Spring in Boise

As soon as Spring semester was over at the college, I took off for a week to visit my children on the mainland. I’ve posted photos of my daughter Inga’s garden in the past, but for the first time ever, I was there to enjoy it in person!

One morning while she was at work, I walked around her garden with my video camera. Another addition since I was there is the little dry creek and bridge in the photo above. Inga set it up to look like it empties into the pond.

Enjoy this YouTube I created of Inga’s garden in the early days of Spring, even though it was still very cold! You’ll see Quimby the Corgi, Mr. Bill and Spooky Boo her two cats, and a neighboring white cat that wanted to get into the act, too.

A hui hou!



Even if the ground is frozen where you live, you know that Spring is right around the corner. Have you been going through your seed catalogs? Have you started getting itchy fingers, wanting to dig in the dirt? Are you monitoring the slightest change in temperature?

If so, you have the same case of Spring Fever that I do. I’m on Spring Break this next week and I’ll have more time to weed my beds, plant seeds, and nurture what’s already growing.

A hui hou!

Springtime in North Carolina

Pilot Mountain, NC
Pilot Mountain, NC


A couple weeks ago, I showed the spring flowers at my daughter’s home in Boise. Since then, different friends have sent me pictures of the spring blossoms in various parts of the country. Last week we were in Arizona.

This week we are visiting North Carolina. These photos were taken by my friend, Sonia Martinez, while visiting her family there. Please check out her food blog, and while you’re there, let her know how much you enjoyed her pictures!

I have lived in the South, and I forgot how many plants we had there that I don’t have in my Hawai`ian garden. It seems like eons since I saw something like dandelion puffs!


Of course, tulips are beautiful everywhere.


Wisteria is one of my favorites. I wonder if it would grow here? It has such a Southern and old-fashioned feel to it.


Violas, wild violets and other wild flowers are sweet and romantic.


Beautiful fields of phlox, with fairy lilies tucked in out of the way places.


Another tree I haven’t seen in years is the dogwood. Such simple yet elegant beauty!


And then there are two of the most colorful shrubs that herald the end of winter – azaleas and forsythia.


What a treat to be taken back to a glimpse of spring in the South.

Thank you, Sonia!

A hui hou!

Springtime in Arizona!

Regal Saguaro Cacti
Regal Saguaro Cacti

Last weekend, I showed pictures from my daughter’s yard in Boise. Springtime in Boise is a bit different from Springtime in Tucson, but hollyhocks, wild flowers and cacti in bloom are as spectacular and as welcome as tulips in the spring.

I lived in Tucson for almost a decade and remember how the tiniest bloom on a cactus could take my breath away.

The hollyhocks that are starting to bloom belong to Sam and Phyllis Turner, friends in Tucson. A few of their geraniums and pansies got in there, too.

Pima Canyon is a 2-hour hike round trip. The pictures of Pima Canyon were taken by Virginia Mann, another Tucson friend. A hike through the canyon takes about two hours round trip. Enjoy the slideshow of Southern Arizona!

For a larger version, click here.

A hui hou!

Springtime in Boise!


My daughter says that seeing everything come to life is what makes it easier to survive the cold, snowy winter months.

No words are needed for this Salute to Spring, although I have to say that I’m envious of her soil. Enjoy and pretend this is the first time you’ve ever seen something like this in your life! Can you imagine how that would feel? A few pictures of her cats ended up being tucked in with the flowers.










A hui hou!