Memorial Day and More!

This picture is of the oldest veteran I ever knew in my family. Although it was in a newspaper article about Veteran’s Day, I use it here for Memorial Day. Loren Margrave (on the left) was my great-uncle, and I remember him fondly from the day I was born. He lived long enough to attend the baptism of my first child.

I had other uncles who served in wars since World War I, but this picture of Uncle Loren seems appropriate for today’s blog.

Do you know why we celebrate Memorial Day? It’s not just for grilling out or getting a day off work (or for getting drunk), but it is to honor the U.S. military personnel who have died while serving in our Armed Forces. I remember when it was observed on May 30 every year, then in 1970 it was officially switched to the last Monday of May.


  • This weekend, I also celebrate fifteen years of lavalily .com/blog! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been at this for that many years. I lost some of my posts for a few of those years, but most are available in the archives. Occasionally I edit one and post it for those of you who have not been with me for all those years.
  • Check out a cookbook I created online that includes all the recipes I’ve blogged about over the past fifteen years. It’s called “Lavalily Cooks” and I know you’ll enjoy finding a recipe to make.
  • My online course “Growing Older with Gusto!” is undergoing some major changes and is not available until further notice. Stay tuned for this and other available courses. I will announce them here.

Have a safe, thoughtful, and healthy Memorial Day!


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