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I send a warm aloha to everyone on this beautiful day in May!

If you’ve missed my blog for the past few weeks, there are several reasons why I’ve been missing in action.

First, I’ve been traveling, and I don’t think I want to travel again anytime soon. I used to LOVE traveling, but so much seems to have changed since COVID came along. More crowds, less private time, more anger, less kindness. I could go on with my discovery of what it’s like to travel in a post-COVID world. If you’ve been traveling, perhaps you have experienced much of the same.

In addition to traveling, I’ve been busy working on creating more e-courses for you to explore. I continue to offer the popular “Growing Older with Gusto!” course that is always open for your registration. I have plans for how to develop that course further and perhaps even create a deck of cards that show ways to “grow older with gusto!” Visit

I also have been taking many e-courses from one of my favorite course teachers, Leonie Dawson in Australia. She is the funniest, smartest, and most “out of the taco” person I know. Her unique way of teaching has given me more inspiration and ideas than I have time or energy to tackle. You can find a list of her courses by going to her website. You won’t be disappointed.

A hui hou!


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