What’s Your Personality?

(Photo – courtesy of Hilton K. Jones)

Everyone has a personality. Some seem more dynamic than others, and sometimes we meet someone who doesn’t seem to have much personality at all.

So just exactly what is it that we call “personality?”

Sometimes we talk about someone who is famous or who is a celebrity of some sort as being a “Personality,” and we’re using the word as a title for that person.

Sometimes we say that someone has a lively or interesting personality, and just what does that mean? Does this “lively personality” only show up at certain times, or is that who this person is at all times? How can we know? And what makes it an “interesting” personality?

Generally, our personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that make up who we are. And where do these qualities come from? Does our personality change throughout our lives? What are the influences in our lives that help to create what we call our “personality?” Can we decide how we want our personality to develop? Or is our personality something that just happens?

If you have ever wondered about your own personality or if you are curious about where it came from or how it developed, then you want to take my next online course that will start on April 30, 2023. Look for more information at Learn with Lucy.

A hui hou!

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