Growing Older with Gusto!

“Growing Older with Gusto!” is on the way! I’ll have the sign-up page ready in the next few days, so watch for it.

This e-course will be for younger women and men who are beginning to realize their mortality. They are getting a few (or more) gray hairs, they are seeing a few wrinkles in the face, and they don’t like it. Most of all, they fear what is to come. None of us knew what to expect because we had never been “old” before!

When you get the information, please consider forwarding it to any younger person you know. Encourage them to take part. Over the course of six weeks, I will cover all their questions, and maybe even answer a few questions they didn’t know they had.

Nothing will stop us from the normal path of life where we finally grow older. Life is terminal, but it doesn’t have to be a dreaded part of life. It’s too easy to say, “It’s all in your attitude!” There are actual things we can do to live every minute of the life we have, and allow those minutes to be enjoyable. We can live every day with Gusto!

A hui hou!

One thought on “Growing Older with Gusto!”

  1. One thing that has bothered me about growing older is trying to determine what is a legitimate medical concern, requiring treatment, and the normal aging process. I mentioned this to my elderly physician and his reply to me was, “Me too.” I guess the best advise is regular lab work and regular visits to your primary care provider.

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