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My Sunday blog posts are generally about food, gardening, writing, travel, and all sorts of various topics. I’m not much of a “niche” person, because my personality is more profoundly diverse. This mid-week blog will attempt a different path and focus on what I learned in interviewing more than one hundred women over sixty when I was on Sabbatical about 3 years ago. I call these women my “Perennials.”

Many of you have been waiting for the e-course I’ve been putting together about being or becoming a Perennial. “GrowingOlder with Gusto!” is just about ready to launch, so keep your eye on this spot each Wednesday.

This e-course will be for women and men of all ages who do not look forward to getting older. In this e-course, they will learn what it takes to be a Perennial, and how to look forward to growing older rather than dreading it. As a friend said, “We don’t HAVE to grow older. We GET to grow older.” Not everyone gets that opportunity.

Adding years to our life is nothing to be afraid of, after all. As I’ve read in so many places, “we start aging the minute we are born.” It’s only when we reach our thirties and forties that we start to notice the process that’s been happening since birth.

One thing I discovered about the “Perennials” I’ve interviewed is that we are an inquisitive bunch. We are not always satisfied with accepting things the way they are, but we are always looking for what makes something “tick.”

In other words, our curiosity pushes us to explore, to keep our minds active, to push our own limits, and to become “Perennials” who are forever blooming.  Does that sound like you, too?

“Growing Older with Gusto!” will be appropriate for people of all ages. I welcome and encourage your contribution to the course discussion

Does this sound like a course you’d like to share with the younger people in your life? Would you also like to learn more about “Growing Older with Gusto?”

Watch for more information next Wednesday! I look forward to your comments on this post.

A hui hou!

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