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Years ago, I was a member of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). I recently discovered the original group had ceased, and that a new group has formed on Facebook in an effort to revive the old group, or at least what the old group had been created for in the first place. In keeping with my current primary theme of writing, below is a re-post of my original blog for NaBloPoMo in 2010.

(May 2010) As a member of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), I occasionally decide to do a post each day during the month. Since school is (almost) out, I decided May would be a good month to get my mind around something besides grading assignments. The theme for NaBloPoMo changes each month, and the theme for May is “Look Up.”

This can mean many things, of course, but one of the meanings is to “look up” reference materials. I’ve shown only one of my many bookcases here, to give you an idea of just how much “looking up” I can do!

Yes, I’ve read all these books, and I still refer to them when I’m preparing for a class, or when I’m writing an article. I have gardening books, cookbooks, music books, history books, books on theology and psychology, books on sailing and horsemanship, even fiction – and on and on. So many books, so little time to re-read them all!

This is the end of a semester, and some of my students are graduating. I know, however, that many of you who read this blog are past your school years. May I suggest that you not stop learning, but continue to “look up” anything that you either aren’t sure about, or whatever you’d like to learn more about.

It’s fun, and the best way to keep from aging is to keep your mind active. Go “look up” something this week!

A hui hou!


6 thoughts on “Look Up!”

  1. It was nice to see you at the coffee festival. I certainly try to learn something new everyday. Living here is giving me lots of new things… New plants, new language, and hopefully new friends in the process.

    1. Yes, I love meeting readers. I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name. A lot was going on around us. But I did catch that you were “Kahuku photos!” 🙂 I’ve never been able to figure out if you lived here or somewhere else. Are you a recent arrival, or long time resident?

  2. I’m a recent arrival. I’ve had a lot in the area for several years, but recently found a home in my price range. I was lucky to sell my other home quickly, and now I’m here. I arrived two weeks ago, and hope to stay for quite sometime.

  3. Whenever I want to learn more about something I always first turn to books. I believe, literally, that it’s because of information I found in some good books so many, many years ago that I’m still alive today. When I look around and see that people are actually banning books, it makes my heart hurt and my brain explode. I figure I still have a lot to learn and much more to “look up.” Thank you, Lucy, for this reminder.

    1. Mahalo, Marty! I’m the same way. As I go through books to move once again, I weep as I put some in a box to give away. I realize I can find the same information online, but it’s not the same as looking through a treasured book!

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