Shadowy Tales

“Shadowy Tales” is a heart pounding thriller that emphasizes the danger of cultural division and social intolerance through a truly compelling mystery. This is the story of a protestant minister, Frances Anna Keeton, newly appointed by her bishop to a church in the conservative south. Arriving from a liberal environment in California, she faces immense turmoil. Frances realized she was entering into a difficult situation. But she never would imagine the danger, harm, and secrets that lie ahead.

A new casino is being considered on land currently owned by members of the local Choctaw tribe who are active members of Fran’s church. The clout behind this proposal is exerting pressure on Fran to support the local gaming establishment rather than actively oppose it.

Fran is terrorized repeatedly, but she doesn’t know if it’s because she is a woman pastor or if it is to intimidate her into supporting the new casino. When Kevin, her organist and friend, is kidnaped, a search begins. A carved arrowhead is left at her door for no apparent reason. A phone message instructs Fran to present the arrowhead as a signal that she is ready to submit herself as ransom for Kevin or forfeit Kevin’s life. Telling no one, she hunts for an unidentified person who would know the sinister meaning of the arrowhead.

The phrase “heart pounding” was not my phrase but what the publisher used. I doubt if the book is seriously heart pounding, but a simple mystery story that I had fun writing.

You can buy either the paperback or the e-book from various sources. I suggest you look at this source first for the paperback. Both the e-book and the paperback can be purchased at Barnes & Noble.

There is a sequel coming, hopefully before Christmas, with the title of Washboard Tales, stories that Pastor Fran heard from women in the community, the same way women had always told stories over the washboard. Not all of the “tales” have a happy ending.

Because most of the people are the same in both books and twisted together , I hope you look for it and consider adding it to your library. I think it will be better than Shadowy Tales, but only you will know.

A hui hou!

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