My New Book

I have a new book out for pre-sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Bookshop (a store for BookBaby Publishing).

Shadowy Tales is a heart pounding thriller that emphasizes the danger of cultural division and social intolerance through a truly compelling mystery. This is the story of a protestant minister, Frances Anna Keeton, newly appointed by her bishop to a church in the conservative south. Arriving from a liberal environment in California, she faces immense turmoil. Frances realized she was entering into a difficult situation. But she never would imagine the danger, harm, and secrets that lie ahead.” (from the sales blurb)

“Heart pounding” is what the publisher wrote, not me! Maybe it is but sometimes it’s difficult to see that in something you write, especially when you have edited and edited and edited!

To my family, friends, and others who follow this blog, please spread the word. The sequel (Washboard Tales) will be out within the next six months, and I believe it will prove to be even better than this one.

If you want a taste of my non-fiction, check out Feral Fables, a self-help book. It is currently an e-book on Amazon, and it will be out in paperback within the next few weeks.

A hui hou!


2 thoughts on “My New Book”

  1. ceriuslyceri – Sharing life's stories and thoughts. Writing for me is therapeutic so I am hoping writing this blog will give me more clarity of the events that have shaped my life and made me into the person I became. My Prayer is for the reader of these words to be Blessed beyond measure, that their Faith will be lifted up and they will realize how precious is the gift of Life in The Might and Power of The Name of Jesus, YESHUA HAMASHIACH!
    ceriuslyceri says:

    I can’t wait to read your book, Lucy!

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