Happy Birthday!

My brother sent this picture to share his amusement. He and I both tend to have the same weird sense of humor most times. He couldn’t resist taking this picture at the Gulfport, FL Tuesday morning market.

Today is his birthday! I send him oodles of love and hugs. No, I won’t tell you his age, but even though he’s almost eleven years younger than I am, he will always seem like my “big brother,” not my “little brother.” I look up to him in so many areas. I’ll describe just two of those.

Technology – Whenever I get stumped on a computer glitch, he comes to my rescue. He continually tells me I know more than many women my age, but next to him, I do feel like a klutz. Thank you, bro!

Music – We both started out life in a musical family where everyone played some instrument or sang well. When he was five years old, I gave him his first piano lessons. Although I am a fairly accomplished pianist and musician in my own right, he left me in the dust. He became a professor of music composition, a concert organist and pianist, and too many other areas to mention. Check out his website and listen to some of his music. (I have a sister’s right to brag!)

Happy birthday, “little” brother

from your very proud “big” sister!

A hui hou!

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  1. Hi Lucy, thank you for sharing, and happy birthday to your “big” little brother! I listened to some clips, so lovely and perhaps I will purchase some piano music to listen to during my quiet times.

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