No Labor Day For All


We love Labor Day for giving us that last bit of summer for cookouts, beach trips, one last vacation day, and more. But not everyone gets to take off on Labor Day. You know who you are:

• medical personnel at the hospitals
• pilots taking you on your trips
• clerks in the grocery store for those few items you forgot
• farmers with animals who need care every day
• workers in any store that stays open today
• police who are always on the job
• radio and TV announcers
• and so many more . . .

It is to you who keep our world going even on holidays that I send a big MAHALO today!

A hui hou!

2 thoughts on “No Labor Day For All”

  1. When I was working as an RN and people would complain about working holidays and weekends, my reply was always the same. “If you don’t want to work holidays or weekends, then you made a very poor career choice.” Actually, in healthcare especially, I think we always carried a sense of purpose, maybe not even acknowledged openly, that we were, on one level or another, guardians of people at play. On July 4th we used to make incredibly insensitive macabre jokes about when the first fireworks injury would arrive. I think all of us working in the service industries, while others are at play, tend to view ourselves as Catchers in the Rye. My observation was that there always seemed to be a special heightened camaraderie that developed among staff that worked holidays.

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