Rollright Stones

Stones – or rocks – have an interesting background. Many myths talk about the petra genetrix, or the Motherstone, that births heroes and saviors. The stony deserts of the Middle East have been called the “Gardens of Allah.”

On a trip through the Cotswold region of England, I was impressed with the mythology (and longevity) of the Rollright Stones. The picture above shows a circle of knights with their king. Read more about them here. They were built by late Stone Age people over 4000 years ago.

One of the Knights close-up

Stones often represent obstacles or a certain barren quality. Yet those same “stones” can be viewed as a source of our strength and stability. I am reminded of scripture that talks about the stone the builders rejected becoming the cornerstone of something greater. Throughout ancient manuscripts we find that much of what we consider worthless, is actually valuable.

One of my homes in Hawai`i where I lived for about ten years was on an acre of a particular type of lava rock known as a’a, a lumpy, rocky substance that blew out of the depths of our volcano. I had no problem calling my “pile of rocks” (in which very little grows) a “garden.” But there are many nutrients in the seemingly useless lava that somehow can nourish our plants.

Rollright King

One weighty scripture says that if we are kept quiet, if we are not allowed to speak, even the stones will cry out! It is time for us to cry out for basic human rights.

The rocks in my garden were tossed out by Madam Pele,  our Volcano Goddess. I like to think she was demonstrating outrage.

When we feel the least valuable, when we feel our voice is not heard, when others cannot speak for themselves, we must become transformed, reclaim our strengths, and cry out!

A hui hou!

7 thoughts on “Rollright Stones”

  1. Dearest Lucy,
    Hoping you have a loving holiday season. I decided to thank you for a great card and a reminder to keep in touch. I can relate to what was written and truely believe each human must play a part even those that are unwilling to contribute have a part. I will pray, ask and be guided following through with the action.
    Blessings and abundance,


    1. Wow! That was fast! Thank you so much for your comments! I miss seeing you – seems this island is bigger than people realize. None of us travel very far. We’ll get together soon, I promise!
      Aloha nui loa,

  2. There had to be an unknown reason that I came to visit your website, but I was looking for info related to petra genetrix or Mithra and the Yahoo Search brought me over to your lava garden. Strangely enough, I wrote an award winning novelette entitled “the Pile of Rocks in a Deserted Mountain” in 1997, and for a very long time and again for an unknown reason evolving in many different phases, I built a lava garden in my backyard name “Petra Genetrix” where I tried to resemble fire and water originated from the nil as a means to describe Ahura-Mazda. Of course, nobody cares about it or doesn’t have any clue why I did it.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Brian! I believe there are no coincidences. Yes, who knows why you were sent to my website, but thank you for visiting! The whole Petra Genetrix concept is amazing! Isn’t exploration fun??

  3. Lucy love your insight on the rocks and the blog. Your travels have spanned over the world and you are a wealth of information and wisdom. I am so deeply grateful for your mentorship and guidance through out my educational journey.
    God Bless you

    1. Mahalo, Lana! I think it’s time for me to get back to writing on this blog, don’t you? There are so many things that inspire me but I haven’t been taking time to share it with many. You are such a blessing to have in my classes. I miss seeing you in a face to face class, but you will be there again some semester!

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