Are You A Perennial?

The time has come to return to this blog! I traveled throughout the mainland USA and conducted around one hundred interviews with women over 60. It was the fall semester of 2019 when I took my sabbatical. Then COVID hit!

I put some of my notes together and gave a Capstone talk to the Women’s Studies Department for UH-Mãnoa this past spring semester. I’m afraid I was limited on time, and it didn’t allow me to include everyone in my talk.

Some say I have enough material for a book but I’m not sure that’s the route I want to take yet. I’m playing around with several possibilities of what to do with the information I gathered, and one suggestion was to set up a coaching business for older women who want to retire but not quite sure what they want to do.

If you think you might be interested, let me know. I suspect most women who have reached an age where they can retire are savvy enough to know what they want to do without my help.

I have retired from several careers in the past, however, and I know how easy it is to feel at a loss. Usually, I had something else in mind or already started each time I retired, which made it easier. I’m retiring from my teaching career at the end of summer school this year, and I finally understand what people go through the first time they retire!

My mind won’t let me sit at home; it’s working overtime, I think. So, you might be hearing the thought process I go through in setting up something new for myself. I’d love your suggestions!

Stay tuned!


P.S. I forgot to say that you can find my original posts about this under Check it out!

6 thoughts on “Are You A Perennial?”

  1. I sure hope so. when I can manage my grief and life is easier when I get a dog in 2022. I d love to come see you…congratulations on your first retirement and nw home.

  2. I’ve decided to do the things I really like to do. First on my list is to contact people that I would like to spend time with and people that mean something to me.

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