Palamanui Update as of December 2014

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In November of fall semester 2014, I visited our new Palamanui campus. You can look at the slideshow from that trip and read a bit of the school’s history here.

Then in December, with all classes and exams complete, our faculty and staff gathered for our annual “end of fall semester” celebration with a potluck. This year, we gathered under a large tent at a location just above the new campus so we could look at it as we ate.

2014-12-19 16.27.29

Through our gathering, we felt like we were staking our claim for the new school. We have been told we can start teaching there in fall semester 2015. In our minds, we visualized walking into the new classrooms to join with eager students in their educational process.

The pictures from the November post were of the inside of buildings primarily and I wasn’t able to post pictures of the overall campus. I took more pictures from our vantage point during the December potluck, and thought those of you who have an interest in Palamanui would like to see.

2014-12-19 15.26.46

Most of the work is being done on the inside right now, so the outside doesn’t look finished yet. These pictures show several buildings and the total layout of the new campus.

2014-12-19 15.26.17

I’m sure our community will get a chance to visit this new campus in the near future. We look forward to bringing higher education to the North Kona side of the Big Island of Hawai`i.

A hui hou!

2 thoughts on “Palamanui Update as of December 2014”

  1. I just commented on your wheat grass and was taken back when I furthered threw your blog and saw Hawaii!! Oh the big island is home to me. Not birth home but home. Im in Georgia now. Fell in love and all that and he’s not ready to move that far yet. We did make it from Pennsylvania to Georgia as a baby step We have 4 dogs two of which are older so when there gone is when we will begin the process of planning to move. I miss it there everyday! I know so much about the big island I can drive it in my sleep! Wow , keep posting about the journey and experiences! I will feel as though I’m living them too! My Hawaiin momma is original from N.C.!!!

    1. I just responded to your other post, and glad to hear you are truly Hawaiian at heart. It’s my favorite place to be in the world. Keep reading and you’ll find many posts about us here on the Big Island 🙂

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