Palamanui – Then and Now

On May 19, 2004, a group of instructors from the University Center at West Hawaii were taken on a trip to see the land where a new campus would be built. We went in a convoy of four-wheel drive vehicles. I took quite a few pictures, but two stand out in my mind.

The first is where the buildings would ultimately be put up.

The second is a shot of us seeing the plans for the first time. It was raining, and as we huddled under the tent to stay semi-dry, the site was pointed out to us. We all became excited!

That was over ten years ago!

This past week, November 14, 2014 I had the wonderful opportunity to be taken on a private tour of the buildings by Dr. Marty Fletcher, Director of our facility. Below is a slideshow of the pictures I took to show the progress, and I was almost in tears as I remembered how long we have all waited for this. We have been assured that we can start teaching in the new buildings for fall semester, 2015!

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The windows go in right away, and then they can start finishing the inside. Walkways will be covered and shaded with solar panels. It is like a dream that is coming true! I’m sure I will be giving an update as soon as we are actually in the new campus, or maybe a few more as we start moving in.

A hui hou!

3 thoughts on “Palamanui – Then and Now”

  1. Aloha Lucy,

    Thanks so much for the update and the photos.

    I wasn’t able to go on the last tour, but will be sure to make it to the next one. I can’t wait to teach in our new “real” campus next fall!

    UHWHC/Hawaii C.C. English Department

  2. Wow! Its really happening! I am so excited to see production. Very thankful to have an instructor who takes into consideration by posting pictures, for those who do not have the opportunity to see the progression. Can’t wait for to walk the finished project.
    Thanks for sharing!
    A hui hou,

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