Even if the ground is frozen where you live, you know that Spring is right around the corner. Have you been going through your seed catalogs? Have you started getting itchy fingers, wanting to dig in the dirt? Are you monitoring the slightest change in temperature?

If so, you have the same case of Spring Fever that I do. I’m on Spring Break this next week and I’ll have more time to weed my beds, plant seeds, and nurture what’s already growing.

A hui hou!

5 thoughts on “IT’S SPRING!!”

  1. Spring is springing all around us on the Big Island also….I just took a glorious photo of a tree covered in bright and beautiful yellow blooms in Hilo yesterday….Anthony said it was a Golden Shower, but even though I think its in the same cassia family, I don’t think it is a golden shower.

    We missed you yesterday at the BISS get-together but I explained to Kele why you would not be there and he understood….

    1. I had SO looked forward to being there, but at this time of year, I’m just beat from driving in and out of Kona to teach! I see no reason why I shouldn’t be at the next one since school will be out! Looking forward to it! Hope to get in a few seeds this week during Spring Break, and take some much needed “down time!”

  2. If you go to the BISS site, I posted a bunch of pics taken at the event yesterday. The park is perfect for our group! I hope to book it for the September get-together but Kele wants the one in June at his house

    Rest up!

  3. Hello from BC, Canada! Just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the wonderful pictures and yesterday I used your recipe for a pie with the “easy” crust and crumb topping. Since we had blueberries in the freezer from last year’s bounty, our treat was a lovely Blueberry Pie! Thank you from our family and our guests who polished it off wiki wiki! This pie was baked in our solar cooker on a lovely sunny day in the garden! Seems Hawai’i would be the Greatest place to solar cook!!! PS- Where was the ‘daffodil’ picture taken?…love spring!
    Mary Ann

    1. What fun to hear about you using my “easy” pie crust! Don’t you agree that it’s the easiest and tastiest pie crust you’ve ever eaten?? 🙂 The daffodil picture was made in England on a trip I made there about 3 springs ago. They were everywhere! I wrote another post a year or so ago about spring in England and all their wonderful colors.

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