Jill of (too many) Trades?

In the past, I have been called a “Renaissance woman,” because of the many activities in which I am interested. The 4th Edition of American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, defines “Renaissance woman” as “a woman who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences.”

I think I fit into the first part of that definition, but not as much in the last. I do have broad interests that are (mostly) intellectual, however these interests are (mostly) in the arts.

More than the term “Renaissance woman,” I tend to call myself “Jill of all trades, and mistress of none.” I have a passionate interest and a bit of talent in many of the arts, so I think the problem I mentioned in yesterday’s post is not so much my (real) hesitation in marketing, but the problem of deciding in which art I want to devote my time and energy right now.

There is a wonderful book by Barbara Sher with the title of I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was. That’s the title of my life, and probably for many of you! Yes, I read it! Yes, I have my own copy! And yes, of course, I need to pull it out and re-read it!

Yesterday, I talked about writing. The “angst du jour” is about art, as in drawing and painting. Like with writing, since I was old enough to scribble on the walls I’ve enjoyed the feel of working with charcoal and pastels. Some of that thrill was lost when I took art classes and didn’t draw exactly the way the instructor thought I should.

I want to dig out all my charcoal sticks and colored pastels, put them in a box in my car along with a pad of paper. There are so many opportunities to capture the beauty of my island!

Any bets as to how long that box travels in the car with me without being opened – and used? If I can get my fingers limbered up enough to do a simple picture, it will be a lot cheaper than any camera I could lust for.

Or is this just another excuse to avoid marketing my written work?

A hui hou!

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