Watch Out For Garden Gnomes!

When I was sent a copy of How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack: Defend Yourself When the Lawn Warriors Strike (And They Will)
by Chuck Sambuchino to review, I had no idea what to expect. This witty and humorous little book can be read in just a few minutes, or you can take your time and truly contemplate what to do around your own home to prevent a Garden Gnome attack!

After reading this book, I am positive that there are many places around my own acre where these gnomes are lurking, multiplying and planning an attack. In fact, now that I think about it, I imagine it’s only my external motion-activated lights that have kept me safe so far. Also, I am convinced that gnomes are the reason I don’t find as many eggs in the nesting boxes as I did last year.

This will be one of those books your guests will pick up out of curiosity because of the title, then not hang around for tea because they want to rush home to fortify their property against the gnomes. They are as bad as rabbits in procreating (the gnomes, that is, not your guests)!

The book makes a terrific gift item because this is the war we should be fighting! In addition, if you order the book through my website now, you’ll be helping to support my fight against these critters.

Now if someone would just write a book about surviving the eminent attack by those pink flamingos!

A hui hou!

3 thoughts on “Watch Out For Garden Gnomes!”

  1. Dear Lilly,

    I live in Cologne in Germany and I love your blog soooo much !

    As I also love Sweden very very much (and have been there for several times) I am quite well known to Tomtes.

    Tomtes are very sensitive creatures and must be treated very delicately: They have always to be given a kind of offering/sacrifice – mostly food like ricepulp/rice porridge and must be treated as if they were the most important member of the house. Otherwise they will be annoyed and do many unpleasant things in and out the house.

    Hope this will help you keeping up with these “invisible” members of your wonderful house and garden ;-))))

    Deares greetings

    1. So the Gnomes are known as Tomtes in Sweden? I know they are the ones who hide my garden tools, eat my seeds before they have a chance to germinate, and do all sorts of mischief outside! Thank you for giving me more information on how to treat them! 🙂

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