Kitty Memories

Spooky Boo and Mr. Bill
Spooky Boo and Mr. Bill

This past Spring, I laid my beautiful Kaimana to rest under a large ohia tree. I have not felt like having another cat since that time, but the grieving is not as strong now.

Mr. Bill

After my daughter, Inga, sent these photos of her two cats, I started remembering how much fun they can be, even when they are destroying everything they see in their exuberance. Mr. Bill is the tiger kitty and Spooky Boo is the black kitty.

Mr. Bill

They can sleep anywhere, under any conditions. . .

Spooky Boo and Mr. Bill

. . . and get their liquid pleasure from any pond.

Spooky Boo

There is a lot we can learn from watching our feline friends. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about another kitty.

A hui hou!

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