Comfort Zones

One of the weather announcers this week talked about the seasonal climates and how people react to them. On the mainland, almost every area is experiencing some horrendous heat, and people wish it would cool down. This person showed pictures of the same geographic area complaining about the extremely cold weather and snow conditions earlier in the year.

A statement was flashed across the screen that said the comfort zone for most people was between 68 and 78 degrees, and that anything on either side of that was outside our comfort zone. My own physical comfort zone fits into what the television suggested, which is one of the main reasons I live in Hawai`i (big smile).

We have other comfort zones, of course. Many people find a comfort zone in the way they eat, and become uncomfortable about trying new cuisine, even when they are traveling in a foreign country. That has never been one of my dis-comfort zones. I love to eat too much not to try almost anything in the way of food.

For others, the comfort zone might be the clothes they wear, or hair styles, never trying anything new or outrageous. I think it’s fun to step out of the box in these and many other areas once in a while.

I do know about comfort zones, however. Typically, I am a painfully shy person whenever I am not in a familiar setting. People who know me, have problems thinking of me as being such a social recluse and introverted person. If I am with a group of people I know well, or if I am standing in front of a classroom of students where I am “in charge,” I am fine. Mostly I tend to avoid situations where I won’t know anyone, or if I am not sure what is going to be happening.

This past Saturday, I posted about my cheesemaking experience. At least once a day after I signed up for the class, I wanted to back out, then forced myself not to. (I’m not even very visible in the picture at the top!) Once I got to the class, met the others who had come to make cheese, and got started in a process that was so much fun, I completely forgot to feel shy.

Where are your comfort zones? How would you describe them to someone? At least once a month I try to push myself into a situation where I am out of my comfort zone. What do you do to get outside your box?


2 thoughts on “Comfort Zones”

  1. My comfort zone is usually behind the scenes, unless I’m doing a food demo or teaching a cooking class. I guess we feel in control when we’re facing a situation in which we know we are well versed. Like you, I sometimes have the urge to back out when I decide to do something ‘out of my comfort zone’ but if I make a committment I feel obligated and am reluctant to back out…. Aren’t we funny creatures?

    1. Indeed, we are funny creatures! When I’m in front of a class, I’m perfectly at ease, but I know that I know more than they know! LOL Also, if I’m directing a choir, or preaching a sermon, etc. etc. Yes, that’s when we feel more capable, isn’t it? But yes, I also go if I’ve made the commitment, and usually even more inclined to do something if a friend will be there.

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