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This post is completely out of character for my blog, but it does tell you of one of our local businesses. About two years ago, I treated myself to a pedicure for the first time ever in my life! I always thought I had ugly toes and feet (I still worry about that), but I discovered that a good pedicure can do wonders! My ugly toes are gone forever! (Oops! See addendum below.)

Christie Gibson is well known beyond Ocean View for her unique designs and results. Check out her website to read more about her, to see photos of unique nails, articles by and about Christie, and much more. Click on the picture of the salon group on her website to see the entire staff.

If you enlarge that photo, Charlie (the one with the red streak in her hair) is the one who always does my pedicures. And Charlie learned from Christie, the very best. It’s fun to know that our little community of Ocean View is home to so much fame. Here is Christie at work on a customer.


There are so many colors and designs to choose from, even for the lowly toe!


The earrings are made by Marty, and I have bought several pair of the big ones, of course.


Here is a little photo story of my pedicure last week. While I relax in a vibrating massage chair, my tired feet get a good soaking. Gardening in lava is hard on feet!


Pictures cannot describe the delight of having your calluses sanded, followed by a lower leg massage. I got Charlie to stop concentrating on her work long enough to take her picture.


After nails and cuticles are trimmed, the painting process begins.


The color coat is brushed on in two layers. There were other things brushed on, too, but I’m not sure what they were for – perhaps to make sure the paint stayed on longer?


I usually get something in blues or purple, sometimes even green. This was the first time I opted for cherry red. I decided on little white footprints for my “nail art” this time. In the spring, I had tulips. You can see the footprints in the opening photo as one of many choices. Charlie is carefully painting them onto my big toes.


At last, here’s the finished product, waiting to dry before I head home.


As I left, I took a shot of the length of the salon from the front door. You’ll find this shop tucked in the strip of shops on the mauka (mountain) side of Ocean View, near Ace Hardware.


It’s a friendly, professional, and neighborly place to spend an hour or so. I try to get a pedicure with a new and different paint job every couple of months as a special treat for myself. I highly recommend it for anyone! This isn’t a salon for “women only,” by the way. Men come here for haircuts or for a pedicure to ease their tired and sore feet, also.

A hui hou!

Addendum: Two days after I had this pedicure, I stubbed my right toe and ripped the entire beautiful toenail right off! OUCH! It is wrapped in a bandaid now, while I’m hobbling around, wondering if I should see a podiatrist. All that fun with Charlie for naught!

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Mahalo! (Thank you!)

13 thoughts on “Ocean View Salon”

  1. Oh, no! Sorry to hear it….! No fun……..Hope your toe recovers fast….

    I stubbed the little toe on my right foot at an event, way back in mid May and broke it….it is still giving me problems!

    Love the tiny footprints!!!

    1. The toe is ok. I’d already lost the toenail in December. Lost only the acrylic she’d put on to disguise the growing back process. I was most disappointed in not having the cute footprints on my big toe! 🙂 We women can be so vain!

  2. I don’t know about that….;-) I would need to feel a bit more comfortable about my making it on my own first….!
    The Slow Food Hawaii group is sponsoring some cheese making classes around the island – there will be a mozzarella class soon coming to Hilo – I wills end you the info when I get it – I plan to attend that one also…

  3. From someone who needs her toes pampered, just wanted to add that inaddition to a fantastic nail salon, hair coloring is another fantastic service that Ocean View Salon offers. I have not recently been able to take the time to have either my hair colored or have a pedicure. BUT, I did have a “color weave” that was by far the very best! I must recommend Ocean View Salon as one of the VERY BEST in Hawai’i! Hope your toe is better.

    1. It’s not only the toes that get pampered there, is it? I’ll bet you could use a good foot massage about now! Your wonderful fish tacos were just what I needed yesterday after walking for 3 hours through the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden on Onomea Bay!

  4. Ohhhh yes, just the thought of a foot massage relaxes me. So glad you enjoyed your tacos.

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