Fish Tacos at El Pachuco


In November, I wrote a post about El Pachuco, the Mexican café at the bottom of my road. I love to stop by there to pick up supper for myself as often as I think I can afford the calories. When I drove by yesterday, there was a sign out on the road that said “fish tacos.”

Well, that’s my favorite way of having tacos, so I couldn’t resist going in. Evie had acquired some fresh ono, a delicious local fish. For $6 I had two huge fish tacos filled with fresh ono chunks lightly braised in olive oil, dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, grated cheese, and sour cream, plus beans and rice. Oh my!

“Ono” means “delicious” or “good to eat” in Hawai`ian and there is no doubt that these tacos were ono! Thanks again, Evie, for being there!

A hui hou!

3 thoughts on “Fish Tacos at El Pachuco”

  1. I have post all lined up about El Pachuco, that I was going to post later tonight. I was there when the guy brought in the fish. I was wondering if there would be fish tacos. Sadly, I didn’t go up today, and didn’t see the sign.

  2. Yes, I have seen your older post. I recently saw a video for them on youtube as well. I decided to grab some take out from her tonight. I asked about the fish, but they are indeed gone. =)

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