Glimpses of Arizona


During my career as a pastor, I spent 14 years living in Arizona. Someday, in future posts, I will focus on different areas and aspects of that diverse state. With all the negative press around Arizona right now, I began to remember the Arizona I loved. Today’s post shows only a few of my favorite scenes.

I took the above photo on the ranch of a dear friend in Elgin, AZ. Here she is with the big guys – their draft horses. I do miss my own horses!


Other friends in Tucson sent this shot of the mountains in winter.


For a few of those years, I lived in the old barrio section of Tucson. My home was one of those that had been renovated, still keeping to the flavor of old Mexico. At the corner of my street was this wonderful remembrance of a time past. My dream was to buy it and bring it back to life.


When I can dig out other photos of my beautiful Arizona and convert them to .jpg files, I will share them with you.

Hasta la vista!

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