Strawberry Wheatgrass Smoothie


Wheatgrass isn’t necessarily one of those food items that’s on every table, but should be. Recently a friend brought me a tray of soil and a bag of wheat berries. After soaking them for a few days until they were starting to sprout, I spread them over the top of the soil in the tray.

I saved some of the sprouting berries and put them in a jar to toss into my salads. If you buy your berries from a health food store, you still need to check if it’s suitable for sprouting.

In order to keep the birds and cats away, I loosely covered the entire tray with foil tucked in at the ends so it wouldn’t blow away. Each day, I sprayed it with water and watched it grow! In just a few days, I had my own little 20” X 10” private lawn.

As the wheatgrass grows, clip off the tops for your use. Some folks simply add a little water and whirl in a blender, then drink for a taste of fresh spring. There are expensive wheatgrass juicers, but I find that your regular blender works just as well.


Why drink wheatgrass? It’s full of everything you can possibly think of that’s good for you! Check out a longer list here, or Google “wheatgrass” for recipes and more information. Basically, it is 70% chlorophyll and is a total protein, with loads of vitamins and minerals.

My favorite way to get all those goodies in one drink is as a wheatgrass smoothie. When I buy strawberries or other berries, I use a bunch while they are super fresh, then blend the rest of them into sort of a “sauce” to use over ice cream or cheesecake or pancakes or whatever. (Oh my!)


To make this smoothie, add strawberry puree, a little soy milk or fat free milk to make it more liquid, and a little organic agave nectar for sweetness. You’ll need to experiment with your own quantities of each for your own tastes. Zap it up in your blender until it’s just the way you want it. Pour and drink!

A hui hou!

4 thoughts on “Strawberry Wheatgrass Smoothie”

  1. I think I’m going to try this. Usually I just purchase bags of frozen smoothie mix at the grocery store (usually in the freezer by the frozen fruit and cans of orange juice) but I don’t see why I can’t mix in some wheatgrass powder.

    1. I was afraid the green wouldn’t mix with the strawberry in terms of color. I expected a dirty brown for some reason, but it turned out to be a lovely red with specks of green. It was tasty!

  2. Thank you for posting that you do this in your blender. In Hawaii I discovered the deliciousness of wheat grass juice and upon every return it was first on my list! I never invested in a wheat grass juicer this is great! I tried the powdered forms and they are not near as fresh tasting or sweet! Thanks!

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