Middle East Journey


NOTE: I mistakenly posted something else on the evening of December 23, so if you can’t open it, that’s why. You’ll get that post on Monday, December 28.

Christmas Eve is an appropriate time to share a little bit about one of my trips to the Middle East. I was still in active ministry at the time, making everything I learned there more valuable.

So much of what we saw on that trip was exactly how most people picture that part of the world – wide expanses of desert with Bedouin and their camels.

When I was offered a chance to ride a camel, I quickly agreed. Riding a camel certainly has been one of my more unique experiences! I’d been riding horses for many years, so I thought a camel would be a cinch. How wrong I was!

Camels have a nasty disposition! Also, along with their constant complaining, they bend down in stages to let you climb on, which gives you the sensation of being on a very fluky rocking chair (or a slow roller coaster).



I took this ride near the Qumran where ancient papyrus scrolls were found in 1945. Later, I visited the museum where these scrolls are on exhibit.



In just a few days, we will celebrate the magi following a star to visit a baby in Bethlehem. In the meantime, I want to say that I can appreciate those guys even more now. I can empathize with the grueling ride they must have had on those camels!

Mele Kalikimaka!

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