I Believe in Angels

Christmas Lights in Honolulu
Christmas Lights in Honolulu


I wrote a blog several years ago called “Talk Story.” The second post I made on that blog was this essay. That blog is no longer active, so I’d like to share it with you again this year.

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When I was a little girl, I used to picture the angels from that first Christmas Eve night as a great heavenly choir with well-trained voices singing something that sounded like a Bach Chorale to a bunch of ranchers taking care of sheep on a hillside, who would have probably preferred good old country-western music.

My ideas on that may or may not have changed much since I was a child, a preacher’s kid. But like many of you, this much I do know, that angels are real. I know that we are surrounded by a powerful heavenly host of angels, singing our kind of music; and I am more aware of these angels at this time of year.

The custodian of a church where I was once pastor, said he often woke up to the flutter of angel wings. It reminded him that his angels are always with him. Another friend in that same church related his story about an angel visitation when he was serving in Viet Nam. I also have heard stories out of England from World War II that tell how planes continued to fly, even after the pilots were killed.

I have many stories about the personal help I have received from angels, but one fairly unspectacular angel story comes from a Christmas trip many years ago. My husband and I, with our four children, were traveling across country in a camper to visit relatives for the holidays. It was bad weather with icy roads, and we were on a limited time schedule.

We decided to do some of our driving at night while the children were asleep, which meant we were not always wide awake as we drove during the daylight hours. The children and I had gone to the back of the camper to take a nap, leaving my husband to drive the next stretch.

Not long afterward, he was visibly shaken when he came back to wake us up. He said, “I just now pulled over to the side of the road, but I honestly don’t know how I got there.” Later he said he’d realized he was falling asleep and felt himself lose control of the camper. Suddenly he woke up to find himself parked in a safe spot off the highway, even though he knew he hadn’t driven it there by himself.

Many of you can tell similar stories of visitations and assistance by heavenly hosts. The angels are there to sing to us, to minister to us, to protect us, to bring us messages, and often gifts. And they are out in full force every Christmas. I have a feeling that they wouldn’t miss out on our holiday events for anything and that they are surrounding each of us right now!

I kept angel cards on my office shelf for many years. My oldest daughter was visiting once and I was afraid she would think I was too “woo woo” when she saw them. She asked what they were. I told her I would draw one occasionally to give me guidance. She drew one that said “healing,” and she held it against her jaw saying, “I have a bad toothache.”

A spiritual community in Findhorn, Scotland strongly believes in angels and the devas, or plant spirits. The people in that community called on their angels in creating a Garden of Eden in an abandoned dump area.

In one of my churches, we played the game of “Angels and Mortals” every year. Even though it was a large congregation, those who were interested drew names and you became an angel for a mortal, and vice versa. It was great fun finding out who your secret angel was on Christmas Eve.

But it isn’t just a game. We can be an “angel” to someone else every day, and we are also “mortals” to someone else. Angels come in all sizes, shapes, ages, and appearances. Sometimes we see them, sometimes we don’t, but they are always there.

Be ready to be an “angel” to someone at any time. But also be open and aware of your angels, not only your personal guardian angel, but the ones that are about looking after you and loving you.

Who knows? They may bring you tidings of great joy!

A hui hou!

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