Are you a WWOOFer?

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One wonderful aspect of this blogging is all the stuff you learn! Being a college instructor, I love to learn, and especially when it has to do with an activity I love so much, like gardening!

I wrote a blog about the home and garden of a friend where I spent a relaxing Thanksgiving with other friends. When I talked with my host later, to make sure I had all of his information correct, he told me about the WWOOFers on his acreage.

No, it’s not a tech part for a stereo system, nor is it related to the Alaskan wolf.

WWOOF means World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. It seems there are quite a few people who knew about this – all except me!

There is a specific site about the WWOOFers in Hawai`i as well as the home page of the organization and more information on another page.

One paragraph I read gave other possible interpretations of WWOOF besides the official one. For instance, some call it “World-Wide Orientation on Organic Farms,” and I like the one that refers to it as “Willing Workers on Organic Farms.”

What a superb organization this is – and what a great travel opportunity for those who want to learn more about organic gardening, be of help to those who can’t do all the gardening themselves (like elderly or disabled), and travel around the world at the same time.

WWOOFing is the sort of thing that would have attracted me in my hippie-trippy days – actually, it STILL attracts me! (laughing) But like most of us, I’m too tethered to my property, my job, and my house.

Perhaps in another lifetime!

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