Tidying Up!


click here for larger image

Most of the homes here are built on what I call “stilts.” I’ve heard several reasons for this. One is that it allows the water to flow through without damaging the foundation, or for the wind to blow through. Some say that it gives you a place to hang laundry when it rains, or even that you can park a car under the house.

With my own home, I must crawl under there to change the filters on my water system. I can’t hang laundry under there, but there is enough space for me to sit up straight to do the work that needs to be done.

Being able to look under someone’s house doesn’t exactly provide a pretty sight, so I decided to camouflage the opening with dark green lattice.

Because I still need to get under the house to do some work, I won’t put the lattice all the way around the back, but only on the front where it is seen. I have one more piece that needs to be put up to complete the project.


click here for larger image

This corner looks much better here than it does in the opening photo, don’t you think?

I like having it all tidied up.

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