Good Old Greens


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Yes, I grew up on collards and mustard greens. My father was a Mississippi boy, and I attended college in Jackson, Mississippi. My brother, Hilton, wrote about our Cuzn Don’s “mess of greens” in his blog back in May, 2008. I think we all grew up knowing exactly how to cook them to get the best flavor. Check out Hilton’s post to see the best way to cook them.

Like Hilton, my favorite greens are a combination of mustard greens and collards. I grow both wherever I can find a spot. I would probably use up every square inch of raised bed for these wonderful greens. Of course, when I grow beets, I’m never sure if I’m growing them for the roots or for the greens. Beet greens run a close second to mustards and collards!

As you can see, the birds like my mustards, too. I don’t have any grass for them to eat, so they enjoy my greens. I made a deal with the birds, however. I told them that I’d let them have 10% of them if they would leave me 90%. So far, they’ve held true to their word, or chirp.

In this photo, the collards are in the back, mustards in front. The mustards grow faster than the collards, so it may be hard to make out the collards.

I think it’s time to cook up a mess of greens and plant more.

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