Arugula! Arugula!


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Growing space is limited for me, even though I’ve been able to create several raised beds. I need so many more to really grow as much food as I’d like. So as much as I love fresh lettuce, I have settled for buying it at the market and using my garden space for things I can’t easily find to buy – like collards, beets, mustards, and the like.

One thing I enjoy growing, however is arugula. In a little outdoor market and coffee shop in downtown Tucson, one of the growers always had a huge batch of arugula for sale. I love the spicy flavor.

My patch of arugula is in a small bed between my chickens and my house. In the evenings on my way back from feeding my “girls,” I’ll stop by the arugula bed and pick enough for a nice salad. The more I pick, the thicker it grows!

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Fresh arugula is such a delicious treat!

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