Wall of Books

wall of books
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I have several thousand books. This picture is just one wall, and yes, I’ve read them all.

About thirty years ago, I decided to take some courses in ornamental horticulture. I started out by taking one designed for homeowners to help us learn about some of the more common plants for the San Luis Obispo area. That one course led me to taking more courses over the next three years – all the horticulture courses offered by Cal Poly.

As a result, my addiction to books included buying everything I could on plants, landscaping, garden design, pests, and more. When I moved out of my Kona house about four years ago, I gave four brown paper bags full of gardening books to the Kona Outdoor Circle thrift shop. But I still have several shelves of garden reference books left.

I have my favorites, of course. You’ll find a few of them in the list of useful books on the right side of this page. When the weather keeps me from being outside, I find comfort in re-reading and planning.

What are your favorite gardening books?

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