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In honor of my 50th post, I have switched to my own domain and website!

If you’ve been reading my blog at, you may have noticed my occasional sign-off as “Lava Lily.” The reason?? My brother has been helping me set up this new site.

“Lava to Lilikoi,” the full name of my blog, is a bit much for people who are not accustomed to Hawai`ian talk! So we gave the domain a name people could remember.

Welcome to the unveiling of and my 50th post!

The old site on Blogger will remain up so you can read through the archived posts, although they are here as well.

While you’re here, look around. You will find all sorts of other fascinating topics in my new “Lava Lily” neighborhood. Check out my “personal” page to find out what I enjoy beyond gardening. Also, check out my professional page to see what I do in my “real” life.

Some of the boxes haven’t been completely unpacked and put away yet (isn’t that the way with most moves?) so be patient with me.

PLEASE NOTE: If you normally received “Lava to Lilikoi” via FeedBlitz or RSS Reader, you will need to re-subscribe to this new address. Please continue to enjoy the saga of lava gardening!

A hui ho! (See you later!)

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