Spathiphyllum – My “Peace Lily”

spathiphyllum closeup
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I managed to find several pots of these wonderful plants at our local Home Depot. One house where I’ve lived in Hawai`i had an entire bank of them by the front door. I became enamored with seeing these growing so beautifully outside. I’d only known them as a hardy houseplant before moving to Hawai`i.

Since that time, I have read they can make an excellent ground cover in tropical landscapes. I think my yard qualifies!

My particular variety is the Spathiphyllum hybrid cultivar Double Take. I’m anxious to see how quickly it will fill in around the bottom of my ti plants.

spathiphyllum plants
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I love the fact that the plant is called “peace lily,” also. In this time of economic stress and war, we need “peace” wherever we can find it!

A hui hou! (I’ll see you later)

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