Schedules and Salmon

On my birthday (today), I had an awakening!

I started this blog on May 29, 2008.

This will be my 28th post. I started it as a way to document the work I was putting into this acre of lava. Gradually, I started adding other topics, like books and cooking, travel and local events. Please check out the Blog Archives in the right-hand column of this page for past articles.

Somewhere in the middle of July I thought it would be fun to post twice a week. That worked well for a while, but then September came. The time I spend in my full-time faculty position in the Social Science Department of Hawai`i Community College doesn’t allow me to continue posting twice a week. Also, I need to devote any spare time I have to actually working in my yard.

You may not even notice that I have cut back to posting once a week on a Saturday night. In case you are more observant than I suspect, I wanted everyone to know what I need to do. After graduation in mid-May, I’ll probably go back to twice a week again during the summer months when I can spend the time writing and photographing.

Now that’s off my chest, I can relax a bit and let my readers know what else I’m doing.

Today I made a big pot of salmon stew. I had thawed more salmon than I needed for a meal this week, so I went to Google. There was a great sounding recipe for a Finnish Salmon Stew. I didn’t make it exactly the way the recipe suggested, of course. It’s a rare occasion when I actually use a recipe verbatim. If you ever need to use up a piece of fish, this would be one good way.

In my big soup pot, I put 2 tablespoons of yogurt spread (like soft margarine, only better tasting, I think). Into this I put half of a monster onion, chopped, and two thinly sliced carrots. As this became translucent, I minced three cloves of garlic (yes, three!) and added it to the mixture for about 30 seconds.

To this I added one can of fat-free chicken broth and ½ can water, one can stewed tomatoes (juice and all), two small red potatoes (cut into eighths), some very small sweet potatoes out of my garden (sliced), two tablespoons capers (drained), one teaspoon sweet paprika, one teaspoon sugar, and ¼ teaspoon powdered thyme.

This simmered for about half an hour, then I added one tablespoon white wine vinegar. I put the salmon fillets into the pot and turned the heat off. Before long the fish was cooked and flaky. I broke up all the salmon and tasted the stew.

It seemed extremely bland to me, but I like spicy things, so I crushed up two small dry hot peppers and added a healthy dose of chili powder. I couldn’t tell you how much I added, but it gave it the “oomph” I needed. You might like it without all the “heat.”

I ate a big bowl with some hearty bread from the baker who shows up at the Na`alehu Farmer’s Market on Saturday. Finally – very tasty and healthy.

I finished preparing for my week’s classes before I settled down to write this blog. The muse might inspire me mid-week from time to time, but don’t expect it until summer vacation comes up again.

Until next week, Lava-Lily says “Aloha!”

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