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Washboard Tales, the second in the Shadowy River Series is now available. You might think it is even better than the first one. This series is not only full of mysteries, but it’s a community saga that follows the loves and lives of various community members.

This sequel to Shadowy Tales opens with the brutal murder of Beverly St. John, wife of the Piney Falls Chief of Police. Her death triggers fear among the women in this small rural community in Mississippi. Major changes are taking place in the lives of other familiar individuals of this town that intertwine with the search for the murderer. Through her own ingenuity and fast thinking, Pastor Fran must save herself from death at the hands of the wily perpetrator.

Shadowy Tales, the first in this series emphasizes the danger of cultural division and social intolerance through a truly compelling mystery. This is the story of a protestant minister, Frances Anna Keeton, newly appointed by her bishop to a church in the conservative south. Arriving from a liberal environment in California, Pastor Fran never could have imagined the danger, harm, and secrets that lie ahead.

Watch for the third in the Shadowy River Series (Bayou Tales) that will be available in 2023.

If you want a taste of my non-fiction, check out Feral Fables, a self-help book. It has been an e-book on Amazon for quite a while, and it is now available as a paperback.

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