My new app is now available for free on either Apple or Google. Please download it and look through all the links to see what’s there. I plan to add much more over the next few weeks. Pass the word to anyone you know.

The logo was created many years ago by an artist friend. It is a Japanese brush stroke designed to represent both a J (for Jones) and a sailboat (which I lived on at the time). Isn’t it lovely?

I have neglected this blog for quite a few weeks, but I was 1) working on this new app and 2) also hospitalized. All is well now and I’m back in business.

If you have any questions, let me know. A few new courses will be available soon, as well as the original course (“Growing Older with Gusto!”) so keep checking.

Also, see my webpage, Learn with Lucy, which has info on all present and coming courses being offered. Link to LEARN WITH LUCY ( which will soon link to the featured course: “Growing Older with Gusto!” Don’t forget to check out all of my past weekly blogs at

If you want a taste of my non-fiction, check out Feral Fables, a self-help book. It has been an e-book on Amazon for quite a while, and it is now available as a paperback. All of my books can be found on my Author Page on Amazon, available in both paperback or as an e-book.

I encourage you to support the Indie Author Community, a community of self-published authors.

A hui hou!